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RHEG is a group of more than 3000 members on both sides of the North Sea who are campaigning to reopen the ferry link from Harwich to Esbjerg. The group is a community of members from the UK and Scandinavia who all share the common goal of re-establishing a direct link between our countries, something that has been missing since DFDS closed the route in 2014 after 139 years of sailing. An Internet petition has over 20,000 signatures, and we are in touch with MPs and the media, both in the UK and Denmark, to gather support for our cause, not only to restore what was a desirable way to travel, but also to avoid the long trip through northern Europe to reach our destinations with a car. With a new team of administrators on both sides of the North Sea, we are working hard to achieve the goal that we as a group all want in order to avoid the long drive through Northern Europe to visit family and friends in all parts of Scandinavia and the UK. With the increasing focus on climate and the environment, cleaner fuel, and the possibility of duty-free sales on board, it must be time for this vital connection to continental Europe to be re-established. Read the stories, see the pictures and see why it is so necessary to re-establish this important connection.